Why Won’t MyPlayer Dunk?

One of the most annoying and prevalent issues within 2K is the lack of dunks when you're open. Even my pure athletic finisher will go for finger roll layups instead of slamming the ball home as is archetype indicates he should be able to. NBA 2K18 has claimed that they fixed it with a previous patch, and I have seen people be able to dunk in traffic. But it doesn't seem my player is capable of that. With pretty much every dunk package under the sun equipped along with contact dunks, there is no reason why I should feel like Larry Bird attacking the rack.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions let me know so we can help each other out. I can't see my dunk tendency until I'm an 90 overall so I don't know if that is the issue. I don't have a purple posterizer but I shouldn't need one to dunk if someone is on my help and my driving dunk 99. Just feels like some archetypes are broken on this game.

UPDATE: I have obtained a silver posterizer and have indeed seen a significant increase in my player's ability to dunk the basketball. Will keep this updated as I go along

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