Why 2K Took Your Perfect Release Away From You

We've all seen it - the shot meter fills all the way up to the point where there is absolutely no space between where you released it and the end of the meter. It should be a perfect release right, especially if you're open with a good shooter? Sorry, but 2K won't allow you to be as good as you should be. 2K actually will "take away" your perfect release if you have already gotten too many, or have a huge lead. Through extensive testing and experience, we've found this to be true.

Meet Joe Harris, a guy with a 3pt Rating of an 80. Joe Harris takes a dribble and pulls up, fills the meter all the way up and end result? No perfect release. An A+ slightly late release with literally no visible space on the meter. To the untrained eye its a load of crap, a glitch maybe. But for veteran, we all know the deal. 2K's momentum system has put a handicap on our success. I'm sure you've seen it in other areas of the game where guys are dropping rebounds, losing the ball too easily, or just making silly mistakes they wouldn't usually make.

So if you're in Pro AM or the park and all the sudden what typically would be a green release for you isn't having the same results, you know why. 2K at that point is literally saying its the other guy's turn to have a little fun, even if they aren't as good as you. Its been in the series for over a decade now, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere so at this point in time we just have to tolerate it until maybe the issue picks up enough steam to have it fixed/removed.

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