Does Your Vertical Rating Actually Matter?

An age old question in the 2K series, does your vertical rating actually have any effect on your dunks, rebounding or block attempts? Through our extensive testing that involved comparing players with Maxed Verticals, Maxed Dunks, Maxed Rebounds, and the minimum of all that in vice versa, combining those results we have received these shocking results that will absolutely make you rethink how you want to build your character in NBA 2K17.

We've concluded your vertical does not have any effect on your rebounding, we've seen players with maxed out rebounds literally sky to unseen heights to grab a rebound all while their vertical rating could be compared to that of Kyle Korver's. Your vertical also does not have any effect on your dunking ability, which is truly baffling. We noticed absolutely no difference between someone with a maxed vertical and someone with a 25 vertical rating. Lastly, your vertical does effect how high you get on your block attempts. Regardless of your blocking rating, you can literally tell the difference when you go to chase someone down with a low vertical versus a high vertical, you get much better air with a higher vertical.

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