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The Top 3 Most OVERPOWERED Badges in NBA 2K17

  1. NBA 2K17 has been out long enough for the community to realize which badges are just completely out of control unfair. You'll go to the park, pro am, or even ranked games and will see guys literally abusing their badges every single play. Some of the badges work even better in combination, really creating some ruthless albeit nasty style of gameplay that really leaves some gamers baffled as to why the developers made the badges like they did.

With that being said, lets get to the list

  1. Brick Wall - Literally and figuratively the strongest badge in the game, this badge on Hall of Fame can turn regular big men into headaches for the opposing team. If you've played NBA 2K17 mypark, I'm sure you've been knocked down at least 50 times on screen, and that is not an exagerrated number. There is never a foul if they knock you down, and even if they don't, one pick might literally drain your entire bar, rendering you unable to keep up with someone going left and right and making you more susceptible to falling on the next screen.
  2. Limitless Range - This is by far the easiest year to shoot accurately from crazy distances because of this badge. Its really weird when a guy can spot up 10 feet behind the line and still be as much of a threat as a guy thats standing underneath the net. In the park you really don't even need to cross the half court line, I've seen greens a little before it. Being capable of knocking it down with such range really expands the way you can play NBA 2K17.
  3. Difficult Shots - This is what really separates shot creators from the rest of the archeytypes in terms of shooting off the dribble. The difficult shots acts as a "deadeye" badge which really boosts any type of running shot you take significantly, resulting in some crazy good grades off the dribble and good grades even while shooting contested leaners and such.


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