The Story of How Mike Wang Destroyed Sharpshooters

The Story of How Mike Wang Destroyed Sharpshooters

It feels like so long ago that sharpshooters were Gods at their craft, able utilize their HoF limitless to the point where it felt like we were playing NBA Jam. Long before the travesty that was park after dark, long before the plethora of 2K patches that were specifically aimed at targeting these legends, there was a time when Sharpshooters roamed the Earth or in this case the 2K realm. My experience on 2K used to be so much more fun than what it is now. I could pull up to the park with the squad and just runs things. Stick skill mattered. My badges and attributes actually mattered. But now...

Skip ahead to today and my Hall of Fame limitless badge feels quite limited to say the least. My Hall of Fame Deadeye badge is non-existent as well as my contested 3 pointer rating. On launch I used to need about 3-4 feet of space to fire and get a good shot grade, now guys are somehow affecting my shot grade from 10+ feet out. Hell, I even had a guy on was flat out laying down on the ground I  received a F for the simple fact that he was close to me. Mike Wang has taken the fun out of 2K, at least for the sharpshooters.

Sure, the barbarians that just want to hold X with a full head of steam will get their joy out of a Hall of Fame posterizer badge, or those 7'3 340 monstars that literally do nothing but run in and out of the paint in hopes for a offesnive rebound will see great pleasure. I'm ok with that, they earned the badges and attributes to do that. But why can't us Sharpshooters indulge ourselves in the same way as these guys? Have we not done enough "work"? Are we not viewed as equal?

7 patches later, and its easy to say that Mike Wang has completely failed us Sharpshooters.


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