The Cold Hard Truth About NBA 2K16

If you've been playing 2k16 since launch, you've seen a lot of changes made to how the game is played. The things that are truly wrong with 2k...

  • Ball Handlers now cough up the rock if they dribble in traffic
  • Defenders are allowed to kick the ball
  • Dunks are too easily blocked by defenders that may have never ever blocked a dunk in real life
  • Weight plays no factor in this years game
  • Defenders will sometimes push the guy doing a layup down for no reason, you don't even have to press anything.
  • Computers jump on almost every pump fake
  • Jump shooting is completely broke on the highest difficulty

I feel like this game just doesn't reward skillful basketball. Anyone can pick this game up and be mediocre, no matter what they do or do not know. How do you feel about this year's 2k?


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