Stretch Big or Glass Cleaner in NBA 2K17?

Its an age old question since 2K14 to now, should you create a Stretch Big to spread the floor? Or a glass cleaner that is snatching every single rebound? While both can have a great impact, it really comes down to what game mode you're playing, and how good your individual skills are at each role. In the park, we know 3s win games, so you really want a Stretch Big here to spread the floor, allowing for a potential 3 point basketball every time down the court. Pro AM could possibly be the same, but here you should probably pick as Glass Cleaner, as not only will your touches be limited as a stretch big since you know, teammates like to ballhog, but also your team will possibly blame you if you get boarded. As a Glass Cleaner, you can't really blame them because on the stat sheet, they did their "job".


Stretch Big Strengths:

  • Potentially more team points
  • Opens Driving Lanes For Wing Players
  • Easy Kickout on Help Defense


Glass Cleaner

  • 2nd Chance Points
  • Stat Padding From Rebounds
  • Higher Strength Allows You To Get Into Rebounding Position Easier


It really comes down to if your teammates make the extra pass or not. If you have teammates that willingly kick it out, you should take make a Stretch Big. If you have selfish teammates who are putting up a ton of shots, make a Glass Cleaner.


One on One with a Glass Cleaner vs Stretch Big, I've been on both sides and I can honestly say that a Glass Cleaner is essentially more useful to a average team than a Stretch Big, as the Stretch Big is dependent on the people around him for open looks.

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