Are Slashing PGs Useless?

Where do slashing PG's fall in line with the best archetypes in NBA 2K17. Typically you only see sharpshooters or playmakers at point which begs the question, where exactly do slashing PGs rank in comparison to the other archeytypes that you could choose. Well lets be frank, with a max 3 ball of 56 the slasher wont be greening 3s anytime soon unless there in the corner.

But a slashing PG can really be the star of the team if his team has the correct lineup, a 5-out lineup giving the slasher free roam to attack the basket without seeing help defense from either big men. With this kind of offense the slasher will either go crazy scoring, or crazy facilatating for others. But unless you have that perfect lineup, the slashing PG's stardom will fall short. If you are playing with randoms, the court will always seem too cluddered when you drive in, allowing for your shot to be contested or blocked easily. Its just a lot easier to bomb 40 ft 3s than to drive in while big men are still there.

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