Sharpshooter or Shot Creator?

When 2K17 first came out, this may have actually been a viable question, deciding between if you wanted to be Curry or Kobe. But 2K17 has been out for awhile and I think we can ALL say for a fact that without a doubt, Sharpshooters are a better and more preferred archetype than shot creators. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with shot creators, you get a high 70+ layups and you can hit mid range leaners for days, but NBA 2K17 is a 3 pointers kind of game. The team that shoots the 3 ball better wins the majority of the time.

The amount of success the sharpshooter has can not be replicated on a shot creator. It takes less user skill to score with a sharpshooter than with a shot creator. Any wide open shot has a great chance of going in, and if you have some iso moves, your pretty much unstoppable. With a shot creator, if you don't green a three its a good chance its not dropping. It can be a bit hard to get a leaner off in a 5 on 5 with the court being sort of congested.

Even when you look in facebook groups, you can see 80% of the posts are people seeking out either sharpshooters or glass cleaners. These are simply the archetypes that dominate 2K.

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