Earn VC Fast!

October 5, 2016 blacktop16 0

VC runs 2K. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the attributes on your myplayer or buy a box of card packs on myTeam, you need VC […]

Shooting Nerf!

October 5, 2016 blacktop16 0

So only a few weeks into the release of NBA 2K17, the developers decide to completely destroy shooting, not only lowering the shot boost that […]

Sharpshooting Build

September 27, 2016 blacktop16 0

  With NBA 2K17 being the the best 2K in recent years, I’d thought I’d shed some light on how to build the perfect sharpshooter […]

Jump Shooting Tips

July 6, 2016 blacktop16 0

There are five different release types in NBA 2K17, but only 3 are equipped on regular players: Slow Normal Quick I’ve noticed a pattern to […]