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So only a few weeks into the release of NBA 2K17, the developers decide to completely destroy shooting, not only lowering the shot boost that was attached to using the right analog stick for aiming, but they also decided that even if a player is 10 feet away from you, he still will contest the […]

  With NBA 2K17 being the the best 2K in recent years, I'd thought I'd shed some light on how to build the perfect sharpshooter for absolutely wrecking the competition whether in Pro AM, the park

There are five different release types in NBA 2K17, but only 3 are equipped on regular players: Slow Normal Quick I've noticed a pattern to the Shot timing that seems to repeat itself.. For players with a normal release, the best release point is usually whens the legs become straight. For players with a quick […]

Why not take your NBA 2K skills up another notch? Everything you could POSSIBLY want to know, every secret, exploit, glitch cheat, you name it, we have discovered it and are ready to share it with you

For the most TOP SECRET NBA 2K16 Cheats, make sure you check out our main page - Locker codes At the main menu, select "Options", "Features", then choose the "Locker Codes" selection. Enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding bonus. Note: Some codes may eventually expire. Result Code ABA ball PAYRESPECT […]
The 2K Pro-Am is coming to NBA 2K16, but what does it mean exactly? It obviously has something to do with professional and amateur players, but to what extent? There was nothing related to a 2K Pro-Am in the NBA 2K16 achievement list, which revealed quite a bit of information, so we are left scratching […]
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