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It feels like so long ago that sharpshooters were Gods at their craft, able utilize their HoF limitless to the point where it felt like we were playing NBA Jam. Long before the travesty that was park after dark, long before the plethora of 2K patches that were specifically aimed at targeting these legends, there […]

VC runs 2K. Whether you're looking to upgrade the attributes on your myplayer or buy a box of card packs on myTeam, you need VC to maximize your performance on NBA 2K17. Most people can't handle the d

So only a few weeks into the release of NBA 2K17, the developers decide to completely destroy shooting, not only lowering the shot boost that was attached to using the right analog stick for aiming, b

If you want to win ranked games in 2K17, you need to be able to master shooting, which is the art of getting perfect releases. Green releases are 100% in NBA 2K17 so if you want to win games consistently on the highest difficulty, you're going to need to learn how to get perfect releases […]

  With NBA 2K17 being the the best 2K in recent years, I'd thought I'd shed some light on how to build the perfect sharpshooter for absolutely wrecking the competition whether in Pro AM, the park

There are five different release types in NBA 2K17, but only 3 are equipped on regular players: Slow Normal Quick I've noticed a pattern to the Shot timing that seems to repeat itself.. For players wi

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