NBA Live 18’s “The One” Poses a Threat to NBA 2K18 MyCareer and MyPark Modes

NBA Live 18 is really trying its hardest to compete with the whole MyPlayer genre that NBA 2K has created. As a direct response to NBA 2K17 MyPark, Pro-AM and Career modes, NBA Live 18 has created a game mode called The One. The One consists of two separate ways to earn your stripes, either by playing in the streets or by playing in the league. Unlike 2K, NBA Live 18 is giving you the freedom to develop your player anyway you like location wise. Do you want to be a street ball legend like Rafer Alston? Do you want to transfer your hype from the street to the league.

You can practically play anyway you want to. They've added signature abilities and traits too, to help your player stand out more and present unique playstyles and animations based on your specific player. While the league is just the regular NBA career mode, the streets presents actual pickup basketball games, and the drew league. NBA Live 18 also gives you more freedom playstyle wise, posing less limitations on the attribute caps than NBA 2K17.

One of the biggest changes for NBA Live 18 is the addition of live events. If you've ever played a game like Destiny, you know that these are time sensitive challenges that pack a big reward for completing. Just imagine the banana boat team of LeBron, CP3, Wade and Melo come to your town, and if you beat them you get some kind of hefty reward that no one will ever be able to access again. You can complete these challenges solo, co op, or even against people online, depending on what the challenge requirements are.

NBA 2K18 definitely needs to up the ante with all the new features this NBA Live 18 has implemented into their game. NBA 2K18 hasn't had the competition of a good basketball game in years, and this may be the necessary push to help motivate them to continue revolutionizing their game.

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