NBA Live 18 Demo Review

After a 2 year hiatus from basketball, the NBA Live 18 team has pulled all of their resources to bring you an experience different from 2k's while still showcasing its sense of realism. The demo had a play now NBA finals matchup you could play, and a portion of "The One". I believe The One is directly capable of competing with 2k's mycareer mode. The only real concern about Live is their servers and the actual gameplay. Server wise, there was a consistent choppiness/frame rate issue online, the stuttering is quite obvious and can interfere with your shot timing and ability to smoothly handle the ball. Gameplay wise, I feel as if the post game could use some improvement - seems to be completely unresponsive. NBA Live 18 may not be a better game than NBA 2K18, but they certainly have a foundation to biood upon, at least they have a very interesting project going with "The One".

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