Could NBA Live 18 Be Better Than NBA 2K18?

The hype surrounding NBA Live 18 has really picked up steam recently. A plethora of gameplay videos for NBA Live 18 are out and about, and some have even voiced their opinion of Live being a formidable option to 2K18. While we know very little about 2K18, we do now know much more about NBA Live 18 to predict an accurate assumption that NBA Live 18 may just be the change of basketball that NBA 2K series has needed for years. Live has added in elements from 2k such as green releases and shooting with the analog stick. They've also added "The One" as an option to compete with 2K's mycareer mode.

The One is really where Live 18 could make its bread and butter. They have 3 separate modes/storylines you can play in The One. The Drew League, The Streets, and the actual NBA. Which route you choose will be entirely up to you as NBA Live 18 is giving you the freedom to develop your character however you see fit. For the actual gameplay, we see a lot more realistic collisions take place in the perimeter and paint compared to 2K. The dribbling seems a lot more smoother as does most of the animations, besides the awkward post hooks we've seen. This could be EA's chance to really thin the gap between NBA Live and NBA 2K.

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