NBA 2K18 News – New Layup System

While NBA 2K18 news is definitely being kept tight lipped, Demar Derozan's selection as Canadian Cover athlete allows us to hint at a possible revamped layup system. If you think about the previous installments in the series almost every edition had a gameplay mechanic that was directly to the cover athlete. For instance in NBA 2K17 Paul George was the cover athlete, and 2K was inspired from his Team USA comeback to include the whole olympic basketball scene. In NBA 2K16, Curry was one of the cover athlete, so 2K introduced the Limitless Range badge. They also let you play from HS, as the cover showed Curry, Harden and Davis in their HS and college gear. Now with NBA 2K18 on the horizon, we can only assume that they will implement some new mechanics for finishing at the basketball. Last year's layup system was the first time you actually had to time your layups, resulting in outrage from the community. You never know what layup animation they will give you - some are lightning fast while others are literally drawn out for 3-4 seconds. It makes it impossible to get a good release and Beluba has been made aware of this fact.

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