NBA 2K18 Adding More Archetypes for MyCareer

The NBA 2K18 Archetype has been expanded and will be deeper than it has ever been before. Possible additional archetypes that are unconfirmed, but have been in the rumor mill are:

Two-Way Guard/Forward
Offensive-Minded Four
Perimeter Threat
Pass First Playmaker
Aggressive Scorer
Conservative Scorer
Inside-Outside Forward
All Around

Please, keep your ears open for possible additional archetypes in NBA 2K18!!

Update: There are currently 189 Archetypes in 2K!

You pick a single archetype, and then you pick a second archetype, and your final archetype will be a combination of the Two!


Main Archetype: Sharpshooter

Second Archetype: Slasher

Final Archetype: Slashing Sharpshooter

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