NBA 2K18 – Fastest Jumpshot in The Prelude

We've ran through every single jumpshot in the prelude, and before we post the fastest jumper in the prelude currently available, you should know that not every jumpshot is the same timing/animation as last year. Here are some notable changes...

  • Larry Bird jumpshot is now quicker.
  • Anthony Davis jumpshot is a tad bit slower.
  • Klay Thompson jumpshot is slower.

Out of every single jumper available in the prelude (a total 32), the quickest by far is Carmelo Anthony's. There isn't a single jumper that is close to being as quick as Carmelo's jumpshot. Maybe when the game releases and we are able to test all 100+ releases we will find a jumper quicker than Melo's, but until then, it is the jumper you should use to get off quick uncontested shots over the defense.

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