NBA 2K18 eSports – Find Out How To Get Invited To 2K’s eSports League

NBA 2K18 eSports

Want a invite to the NBA 2K18 eSports league? Well there is a common conception that to be invited, you must be one of those loud mouth popular figures on YouTube. But I can assure you, that is not the case(although it does help). 2K18 scouting teams will mainly be using Pro Am stats and head to head records to evaluate your skill level. There are plenty of metrics at their disposal to form their perfect team. You have to realize that they will actually be paying you money to be in the NBA 2K18 eSports league, so if you do not get invited don't worry, it just means that the 30 teams recruiting did not think you were a top 300 player in the world.

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