NBA 2K18 Dunking – The Three Keys To Dunking The Ball on Anyone

Is there anything more exciting than initiating a contact dunk in NBA 2K18? There is no better way to impose your dominance on your opponent than dunking on him. But a lot of people seem to have problems actually getting these dunks when they drive to the paint with their slashers. I've been down that road, and my guy is actually able to jam on anything now! The top 3 tips I can give are the following for NBA 2K18 Dunking

1. - Dunk Tendency

Every myplayer is a dunk tendency based on the combination of archetype, position, height, weight and wingspan you select. You can view your dunk tendency by disconnecting from your internet, and starting a mycareer offline

2. - Posterizer Badge

This is really important for not only getting those contact dunk animations, but just being to dunk through traffic in general. You'll really see a boost in your players ability to dunk the ball once you reach the silver badge. The purple badge is just insane.

3. - Tireless Scorer

A lot of people don't realize the effect on stamina on dunking. The stamina bar plays a big role on whether your guy will have enough energy to attempt a dunk or not. The tireless scorer helps negate the negative effects of stamina on all types of shots, including dunking.

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