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NBA 2K18 Classic Teams – Find Out Which Teams Made The Cut

NBA 2K18 Classic Teams

All of the NBA 2K18 Classic Teams have finally been revealed! They're some teams that were certainly left out that should have be included in the game, but was probably excluded due to licensing issues. Here is the list below of the current NBA 2K18 Classic Teams added into the game.

  • ’96-’97 Miami Heat
  • ’98-’99 New York Knicks
  • ’01-’02 New Jersey Nets
  • ’01-’02 Sacramento Kings
  • ’03-’04 Los Angeles Lakers
  • ’04-’05 San Antonio Spurs
  • ’05-’06 Memphis Grizzlies
  • ’06-’07 Golden State Warriors
  • ’07-’08 Denver Nuggets
  • ’07-’08 New Orleans Hornets
  • ’10-’11 Dallas Mavericks
  • ’10-’11 Chicago Bulls
  • ’11-’12 Oklahoma City Thunder
  • ’11-’12 New York Knicks
  • ’12-’13 Memphis Grizzlies
  • ’13-’14 Indiana Pacers
  • ’15-’16 Golden State Warriors

Do you feel as though they left any worthy teams off?

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