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NBA 2K18 Cheats – Dominate Your Opponents With These

NBA 2K18 Cheats

If you can't beat em, join em. Without NBA 2K18 Cheats, you'll be at a disadvantage against your fellow competitors online. There are certainly a plethora of cheats available within the game at your disposal. The hardest parts are finding the cheats, as some you can easily find on youtube, while others might be more difficult to duplicate. I'll be going over different kinds of cheats and where to find them in this article. People use the term "cheat" relatively loose.

Locker Codes

One of the lesser used cheats within NBA 2K18, locker codes can provide various rewards. Virtual currency, sneakers, gear and skill boosts can all be obtained from punching in a few characters within the locker code screen. Many of the locker codes can be found on the twitter account of NBA 2K18, NBA 2K18 MyTeam, and Rachel Demita's 2KTV episodes. They're plenty of episodes in which Rachel will give away a locker code. It results in a win-win situation. Rachel is able to keep her viewership up while you get a free unlockable. Sometimes you'll receive a myteam card too, which really comes in handy when playing myteam mode. Since 2K starts you out with a poorly built team in the beginning, you'll need to find every advantage you can to compete with the people who love swiping their credit cards. The link to 2K's twitter page has been hyperlinked, enabling you find it easy.

Dribble Exploits

You've heard the terms before. Dribble cheese, speed boost, left-right, I'm sure they're a few I am forgetting. But these type of moves can elevate your game to a new level. Take for instance the pure sharpshooter. Normally, the pure sharpshooter has a limited set of moves at his command. For instance, my 6'7" 180lbs sharpshooter can't buy the "good" dribble animations that might free me up like some playmakers and shot creators. But there are certain moves that the developers may not properly reviewed, which can result in my ball handling ability looking better than it really is. One example is the stepback. In 2k17, all players started with the stepback animation that covered the most ground in terms of creating space between you and the defender. In NBA 2K18, they've replaced with a generic stepback. But through labbing, players have found the escape dribbles while running sideways to be just as effective as last years stepback. Stepback/escape dribble animations are not the only effective means to getting open.

Many players prefer the left-right method when they're isoing or dancing around screens. The method is fairly simple when compared to other NBA 2K18 Cheats. It's literally just wiggling the left analog stick left and right. For players without 70 or higher ball control, its the only way you can initiate some kind of combo. Even players that have a good ball handling attribute still use this tactic, as its one of the more quicker ways to crossover and deceive your opponent.

Speed Boosting

Now speed boosting is a completely different animal than NBA 2K18 cheats you may be accustomed to. Speed boosting really caught steam in 2K15, when the park concept was only 2 years fresh, and people really started going into the lab to dissect the different animations within the game. Players will spend countless of hours trying out very single animation in the game just to obtain the fastest speed boost possible. It's a shame since all of their hard work pretty much amounts to nothing, as people will get their moves stolen by a more popular youtuber, who then gets that content stolen by an even more popular youtuber. The cycle repeats itself until the move reaches the masses and eventually, the developers catch wind of it and nerfs the move.

A perfect example is a particular escape dribble shot in 2k17. The move was able to create a ridiculous amount of space, arguably the most space in the game. The move was eventually patched after waves of videos surfaced instructing players on what was required to initiate it. But back to the topic of speed boosting, it comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are in the rhythm dribbles, regular size up crossovers, hesitations and behind the backs. They are easily located on YouTube, although the more popular the move, the more of a chance it will be nerfed in future patches.

It is common belief that you are only able to speed boost if you have a 85 or higher ball handling rating. In most instances this is true, but there are secret moves that allow a player of less ball handling capabilities to still move insanely fast. While it may seem unfair, one might say the game is rewarding all of your hard work for finding a particular animation out of the 100s that are available to choose from.

Glitch Shots

Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing as a glitch shot. At least not anymore. Back in I believe NBA 2K11, there was a glitch shot that Troy Murphy had, which was a short arm release that would be a perfect release every time. That was the last true shot glitch. Every shot is equal in NBA 2K18 when it comes to the ability to perfect it. People will try to goad you into believing their shot is the best, but don't believe them. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don't. The only true metrics that vary on shots are the timing, which pertains to how fast the bar fills up, and the arc of the ball when released. Everything else is the same in terms of the percentage of the shot being made on a good release.

My Player Glitches

Some of the most groundbreaking glitches in the game can be categorized as glitches pertaining to my player. Already in this life cycle of NBA 2K18 cheats, we've seen animation glitches, VC glitches, badge glitches, hot spots glitches, pretty much everything under the sun. Actually, we have plenty of the glitches on our website already, feel free to check them out!


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