NBA 2K18 My Career Builds – Pure Sharpshooter

Pure Sharpshooter

The Pure Sharpshooter is the absolute best build in NBA 2K18 if you want to be the king of shooting. Their Hall of Fame limitless range badge makes them a terror to guard from 35 ft and in. You add that to the fact that they can have Hall of Fame deep range deadeye and whether you get a hand up in their face or not, they have a pretty good chance of knocking the shot down. While they aren't necessarily the quickest with the ball, there are certainly animations you can equip to become a master at isolating your opponent.

The optimal height for a pure sharpshooter is 6'4" which is the maximum height you can make a sharpshooter while still being able to speed boost out of all of your dribble moves. For the weight, you want to make your player the minimum weight possible be able to maximize your speed and acceleration ratings. Wingspan really depends on you, but I prefer the longer wingspan due to the increased contested shot ratings, but if you prefer having the highest open shooting ratings available, decrease your wingspan.

For jump shot animations, it really depends on what you can time good. I prefer release 9 as it has been proven to be the fastest release on the game. Release 11 is the aldridge shot from last year which is pretty fast too. You want to acquire all of your hotspots by playing the mycareer mode on Pro(lowest difficulty). Your role on the court will be solely determined on your ability to create your own shots.


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