Is a Pure Glass Cleaner the best big man to make?

Considering the archetype is becoming less popular every year, the pure glass cleaning build steal remains the most dominant archetype in NBA 2K18 when utilized correctly. Most times when you play in the park you’ll come across people who don’t fully commit to the archetype. You’ll see slashing rebounder, two-way rebounder, stretch four/five rebounder, and even the lesser kinds like shot creating or playmaking. At this point I’ve played over 100+ walk on games with complete randoms, they mainly match you up against squads that all came in together. Through these games I’ve only witnessed two pure glass cleaners. That is simply not enough considering the potential damage they can wreak on opposing teams.

The Conundrum of Clogging The Paint

The new age of basketball swears up and down that the most people allowed to play around the paint is 1, meaning teams are either going to run 4 out 1 in, or a full blown 5 out offense. While the logic is there – a fully spread out court filled with limitless range shooters ready to abuse their deadeye and catch and shoot badges, it just isn’t as efficient or as fun as you think. Sure you’ll be an offensive juggernaut, but you will get hammered on the boards and on defense easily. The 3 out 2 in offense is the perfect offense to keep everyone involved, allowing your perimeter players to jack up shots while your two big men crash the glass, racking up the second chance points.

The Size of a Pure Glass Cleaner

There is an unspoken rule when making a pure glass cleaner – you must make him the max dimensions possible. That means 7’3″ 340 lbs with a maxed out wing span and shoulder width. The more space you take up on the court means the harder you are to guard and keep out of the paint. The offball shoving/pushing animations are solely based upon your strength rating, which defenders and rebounders are able to max out.


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