NBA 2K18 Badges – New Badges Revealed

Not only has the NBA 2K18 Badges earning system been completely overhauled, but they have also added in a few new badges to help differentiate the talent and skill gap between some of the players in the NBA. For instance, we've seen at Gamescom that LeBron James now has a "Bulldozer" badge which allows him to finish layups with unseen physicality. It sounds similar to the Bruiser badge but isn't, has the bruiser lowers an opponents stamina on contact, while this badge is strictly offensive. The other badge we happened to notice pop up was "First Step" badge. Kyrie and Curry both exhibited this badge when they exploded out of there crossovers, and the difference between their explosion and the regular players explosion was certainly quantifiable. We look forward to revealing more NBA 2K18 badges as we receive more footage.

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