Earning VC in NBA 2K17

Earning NBA 2K17 VC can be a bit of a hassle but with a few tips and pointers, you'll be on the right track to earning VC in the most efficient way possible. First off before we do anything we should remember, math is our friend. Its simple, take whatever activity you're doing, divide it by the time spent and you have your vc rate. So for instance, if I played a mycareer game that lasted 15 minutes and received 1,000 VC (assuming the difficulty is on Hall of Fame and you got a A+ Grade), I would take that 1,000 vc and divide it by 15, thus giving me VC per minute. I have used this for almost every activity on the game and I will share my results with you. No one wants to sit through hours of grinding for VC just so they can show out in the park or buy out all the my team packs. Before we get into the results I've found, you should have a good estimate of how much VC you will need for your objective.

How Much NBA 2K17 VC Will You Need

It feels like with every installment of 2K, the amount of VC they give you for any given activity is less than year before, and the amount of VC things like attribute upgrades, animations and apparel for your myplayer cost more. Hell, I just booted up my Center the other day and it showed that I needed 5,000 VC just to upgrade my 3 point shooting 1 bar! That is absolutely ridiculous, but what choice do we have but to accept the fact that this is a business, and 2K is sure as hell making a killing right now. Before I even start grinding out for VC, I make sure to get a rough estimate of how much VC I will actually need to fully maximize my player attributes, upgrade all badges and get all animations. Typically, you're usually looking at over 200k VC just to get your player where you want him. According to 2K, that is $50 worth of time! Now, at this point I can't blame you if you wind up buying VC, I'd say more than 50% of the nba 2k17 community has bought 2K at one point in time or another. Its like, should you just sit on a couch playing meaningless games for hours on end or do you just flip open the wallet, pull out the card and swipe away. Its a dilemma that many have faced and regrettably, made the decision to buy VC. But for those of us who don't just have additional cash to throw away(the game already cost $60!), we're gonna do work and get our VC. So once I know how much VC I need, I then need to know how long it will take me to achieve my goal by using the activity sheet below.


VCPM= Virtual Currency Per Minute

One MyCareer Game on 6 minutes HoF with a A+ Grade(63 VCPM+bonuses from endorsements, etc)

Offline blacktop game with rookie difficulty and casual sliders shootings 3(50 VCPM, has a "wait" timer of 15 minutes before you can earn VC again)

Walk on pro am game with A+ Grade (57 VCPM+player of the half and player of the game bonuses)

MyPark Pickup Game (25 VCPM, don't forget you have wait times if you lose, court freezes, etc)

Ranked Exhibition Match(16 VCPM+bonuses from tier 2-5 teams+bonuses from ranking up)


Which Should You Choose For NBA 2K17 VC

Obviously if you're just looking at it mathematically, playing MyCareer would make the most sense. If you started a career before 2K started dropping all of these patches, you can probably still collect those hefty bonuses from the company that endorses you (ex. Nike sent me a bonus check for 6,000 VC after doing 3 meetings) but if you started your career after maybe patch 5 or so, they will only give you little bonuses of 200 VC. If you can tolerate playing against the computer (I'm sure you will be looking to get your badges too) for hours on end then by all means grind until you reach that 200k mark. But if you're like me, I'm halfway asleep after playing a game against the computer, I need actual humans to talk trash to and play against. My go to activity for earning VC is usually just pulling up to the walk on pro am. For some reason 2K made it so that the walk on Pro AM VC is double that of the organized pro am, so you will probably be playing with randoms the majority of the time. Randoms that have no clue how to play basketball, literally jack up every shot they get their hands on and are just plain stupid. But we're not here to indulge them, we are here to grind out some VC, win some games and hopefully never have to keep doing these repetitive things just to give yourself some attribute upgrades.

How You Should Play In Walk On Pro AM

To get the highest amount of NBA 2K17 VC possible, you will want to play unselfishly, throwing good passes to others(the game favors assist heavily to you creating your own bucket) and hopefully dishing out enough dimes and grabbing enough rebounds to net you a A+ Grade. The most important thing to worry about is to win the game. The players on the losing team get half the VC of the winning team, so if you received 1000 VC on the winning team, you would have gotten 500 VC for being on the losing team. If you can, I'd advise grinding the walk on pro am with as many friends as possible so you can all be earning good grades, getting VC and even increasing your my park rep. It won't be easy, it will take maybe games to get the amount of VC you want. If you are wining at a good rate, it will take approximately 300 walk on games to get the VC you need. If you take it day by day though, it should be manageable over time to earn NBA 2K17 VC



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