The Shot Creator’s Secret Money Move

99.9% of the people we've seen with shot creators in NBA 2K17 never use the best move available to them, the spin jumper. We're not talking about the spin jumper where your just running sideways and and do it. We're talking about the spin jumpers where you're running directly at the basket and do a spin jumper pretty much puttting you right in front of the basket. This is absolutely a #1 goto move on NBA 2K17 for shot creators. I mean, you can literally do this every possession and get higher grades than doing a actual layup.

What really makes this move special is the difficult shots badge. Firstly, you do need a high shot close to have good success. But the difficult shots badge allows you to get good grades in heavy traffic when doing it, which is why the shot creator is the best at it. With a hall of fame difficult shots badge, you're literally a better slasher than a actual slasher. While a slasher might get a C+ on a 1 on 1 contact layup, you will be getting B+ to A's and even perfects if you do it right, even if there is tons of bodies in the paint.

Most shot creators don't even utilize their shooting off the dribble attributes correctly. Some try to just play normal and it makes us question why they even chose the archetype. Others just play basic, running around and doing leaners when they get the slightest bit of separation which is ok, but mastering the spin jumper in the paint will really take you to an elite level with the good grades you will get. The crazy thing is, we haven't even unlocked the grand badge on our shot creator so we can only imagine how deadly this tactic would be when we do.

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