Shooting Nerf!

So only a few weeks into the release of NBA 2K17, the developers decide to completely destroy shooting, not only lowering the shot boost that was attached to using the right analog stick for aiming, but they also decided that even if a player is 10 feet away from you, he still will contest the shot and lower your grade significantly. This was a huge blow to not just the sharpshooters lighting up the park, but for all players across all modes of gaming.

Thinking of going into a ranked match with Korver? Think again, what the game considers contested shots are absolutely is insane. Even if you were the most sim player there is, how much space do you think you could create running your best player for a shooter? Maybe 5-10 feet right? Well according to the 2K logic, that is just simply not enough to warrant good shot selection, even if the shot is on the line. Fortunately enough, Beluba is supposed to drop a tune that is supposed to "dial back" these radical changes a bit so hopefully shooting won't be as rough as it is now.

Its a shame that they toned down green releases in NBA 2K17. I mean, whats the point of training in the gym, putting up hundreds of shots and mastering a perfect release if someone can just zap your skill with the press of a button? Whats more confusing is that the game has been out for less than a month yet we're getting all these tweaks to it, it makes it really hard to understand how you should play the game, whether you should be a shooting team or a slashing team.

Feels like just the other day I was stroking 40 foot shots with Curry from way beyond the ark, and shooting impossible out of this atmosphere shots with my sharpshooter in MyPark. Fast forward to today, and I'm lucky to get a green on a wide open 3 with my foot on the line. I really hope 2K17 gets it act together and sticks with a tune that can accommodate everyone, because the state of the game right now is just terrible!

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