Sharpshooting Build


With NBA 2K17 being the the best 2K in recent years, I'd thought I'd shed some light on how to build the perfect sharpshooter for absolutely wrecking the competition whether in Pro AM, the park, and even offline. Human or robot, no one will be able to guard you if you build your player like this! Ok so lets get to the basics.

As a sharpshooter, the one person we should be trying to emulate is Stephen Curry. Sure, we won't have the hotsauce handles, but our ability to shoot from 50 feet (YES! 50 Feet!) will make you a threat the defense can not ignore. I can't tell you how many threes I've hit from a little within the half court line.


Sharpshooting Build


So obviously, being a sharpshooter means the first attribute you should want to max out is your 3pt Shooting. The sooner you upgrade this, the more help you can give your teammates as they can dish it out to you when they drive. Than, if you still have VC left over, you should start working on your badges. Out of all the badges, a purple limitless range is the most important. This badge personifies what it means to be a sharpshooter. A lot of times in the park, I'm pulling up from the a few steps behind the half court line and hitting it. If you keep jacking 3s and hitting them on rookie, you should soon get the catch & shoot and the deep range deadeye badges, which only help your behind the line effectiveness even more.


In NBA 2K17, the most deadly weapon is the 3pt shot. Being a sharpshooter allows you to control the game in ways you shouldn't able to, its just overpowered. Honestly, you don't even need to unlock all your attribute upgrades. As long as your 3PT, playmaking, Agility, and Mid is maxed your as good as anyone in the park.


Your friends will be extremely impressed by your shooting capabilities especially when you start playing Pro AM. You should average about 20 on bad nights, and 30-40 on good ones if you get the ball enough. NBA 2K17 is all about shooting this year, there isn't a single archetype as effective as the sharpshooter and as the year progresses, you will see many more people switching from shot creators and playmakers to the sharpshooting archetype in NBA 2K17. I mean, who doesn't love seeing green releases every single play of the game?


Sharpshooting Build

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