The Secret To Perfect Aim Every Time

Do you find yourself being at a disadvantage from trying to using the analog stick to shoot? Maybe 10 degrees to the right or left every time? There is a simple, really easy fix to getting that green arrow on your shots so you can receive your shot boost. With a few adjustments to what you do with the right analog stick, you will easily achieve this. Even if you are only using X, you can use this quick guide to get you started on shooting accurately with the right analog stick.

The first thing you want to do is go into my team practice so you can have the shot feedback available to you. Secondly, shoot about 10 shots with the analog. If you can get the green arrow on 8 out of 10 shots then you're technique is pretty solid. If you can't, its time to switch things up.

If you originally were pushing down on the right stick, try pushing it up and see if you are more accurate. If you usually pull down from the middle of the stick, try positioning your thumb on the edge of the stick and then pulling down. Some people I know even pull down on the right analog stick with their thumb position kind of sideways. You have to adjust and find the little fixes that can possibly work for you. This isn't something that will get you perfects 5 minutes after practicing, but these are things that are guaranteed to increase your shot percentage if you find the fix that works for you.

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