NBA 2K17 Point Forward Build – MyCareer and MyPlayer Guide

The point forward in NBA 2K17 can be considered the jack of all trades - being above average in all areas but a master in none(besides playmaking ability). Possibly the easiest player to pick up and play with, the Point Forward can literally run zig zags around the competition with its insane speed with ball ratings combined with some of the crazy dribbling animations that you can equip in NBA 2K17 mycareer. As a point forward, you want to create your myplayer to be the tallest height possible (6'10") while also being the skinniest weight to ensure you have the maximum height. Wingspan, you want to max that out to have an advantage on the boards.

Height: 6'10"
Weight: Lowest Possible( 195???)
Wingspan: Maxed Out
Shoulder Width: Minimum
Release: Release 73 (Fastest Shot in NBA 2K17)

Attribute wise, there are a few categories that you should really be focused on. Your playmaking ability is the first category you should max out. Then, focus on maxing out your rebounds so that you can easily get the ball whenever you want by boarding and taking it coast to coast. Thirdly, you need to max your 3 pointer out along with getting a few shooting badges by playing nba 2k17 mycareer. After that, you can evenly distribute between shooting off dribble( mainly for the shot close rating) or mid range shooting.

Best Moves: Pull Up jumper, Fake Pass Euro Layup

As a point forward, you have the height to finish layups easily over defenders if you use the fake pass euro. You also have the ability to just blow right past the defender for an easy uncontested mid range pull up jumper. The same thing on fast breaks, except now you have the option to take a 3 since everyone on the court will be slower than you while you have the ball.

Important Badges: Catch & Shoot, Deep Range Deadeye, Acrobat, Relentless Finisher, Dimer, Limitless Range

Any badge that will help you shoot the ball better or finish better around the rim is a must get. When you play with your friends you can literally play all the roles if you build your character right. You can be the rebounder, you can bring the ball up, you can be the shooter, the slasher, its what makes the point forward arguably the best build in the game, you can literally do everything all the other archetypes can do.

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