Easiest Way To Get Perfect Releases

If you want to win ranked games in 2K17, you need to be able to master shooting, which is the art of getting perfect releases. Green releases are 100% in NBA 2K17 so if you want to win games consistently on the highest difficulty, you're going to need to learn how to get perfect releases every time you shoot the basketball. Through some extensive testing, I've found the maximum boost through shooting with the stick compared to just using the button is a full letter grade. So say if you were to shoot a jumper with the button the shot feedback on and saw that you received a B for it, if you were to shoot the same jumper with the same exact timing while getting a excellent aim feedback, you would have received a A.


Shooting with the analog stick renders a huge advantage over the common user who is just going to shoot with the button. Imagine going into a play now online match with the Golden State Warriors and just annihilating your opponent, raining threes from downtown at your every command. You master stick shooting with Curry and its slim pickings for the competition. The best way to practice is to use a form you're comfortable with, and practice taking shots at game pace, so you will be ready to shoot when there is a actual game. In 16, after many patches the shooting was terrible but now on 2K17, it really feels like you're in control of a million dollar athlete, and not just a YMCA junior hooper.


Now that you know what you need to do to destroy the opposition, the question probably goes as to what form you should use for your myplayer for use in the Pro AM and MyPark modes, I will cover this is in a later article.


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