NBA 2K17 MyPark

NBA 2K17 MyPark

If you are not familiar with NBA 2K17 MyPark, then let me tell you a little something about it from the perspective of someone who has logged over 500 Park games. The park in its entirety can be loads of fun. You've got your 2 on 2s, 3 on 3s, 4 on 4s and even a game of 21 between three people. You get to see a plethora of playstyles including people who have some pretty funky moves that you may end up stealing. But don't let all the glitz and glamour fool you, NBA 2K17 MyPark can definitely be a sight for sore eyes, and I will tell you why.

NBA 2K17 MyPark Can Be Frustrating

There will be countless of times where it seems you are paired up with possibly the worst player in the park. These are what people refer to as randoms. 80% of the time the random will play selfishly, jacking up low IQ shots and not playing D. Its even worse if the random has a headset to talk through, because most of the time they are a kid trying to tell you what to do. They typically run around in brown shirts (the default clothing for your myplayer), have low overalls and play like complete garbage. But I wouldn't consider randoms the worst kind of player in NBA 2K17 MyPark.

By far the worst kind of the player is the "booster". These guys are literally only in it for the rep. If you play a game of 21, the boosters will double team you, but not play defense one each other, allowing for a easy win for either one of them and twice has hard to win for you. Its just 21 that has boosters, but usually 21 is the only one that has them in public lobbies (a lot of boosters use private parks to boost)


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NBA 2K17 MyPark

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It Can Be Fun

Although there are plenty of things to nitpick about in NBA 2K17, it is arguably the most enjoyable game mode. There are no computers, you can shoot from half court, you can dunk on anyone you want, what more could you possibly ask for?

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