NBA 2K17 MyCareer and MyPlayer Guide – Sharpshooter Build

The sharpshooter in NBA 2K17 is the ABSOLUTE most powerful archetype in the game. NBA 2K17 is about shooting this year with green lights being the difference between a terrible shooter and a excellent shooter. The % of good releases that don't go in is astounding at times, so having a sharpshooter that is able to get perfect releases means the world. There is no other archetype on the game that can compete with their scoring ability. Not only can sharpshooters get perfect releases from 3, they can also get perfect releases from 5-10 feet behind the line. It makes them just unguardable.

Height: 6'9"
Weight: Minimum
Wingspan: Minimum
Release: Release 73

The 6'9" height is the maximum height you can make while still being able to explode off the your dribble moves. The minimum weight gives you the maximum speed with the ball at the height, and the minimum wingspan boosts your shooting attributes even higher. Release 73 is the fastest release in the game, so it will be super easy to get your shot off even on the toughest defenders. The most important aspect of being a sharpshooter is getting perfect releases on the majority of your shots. If you're not getting greens, then you might as well choose a different archeytype.

Important Badges: Limitless Range, Catch & Shoot, Deep Range Deadeye, Difficult Shots

Getting all your hotsports are really important. Attribute wise, you want to firstly max out your 3 point shooting. Then your playmaking ability, so that you can actually beat defenders off the dribble with your moves. Then you want to put up your mid range shooting, allowing you to stop and pop in the mid range area if your defender is really guarding you tight on the perimeter. Then max out your rebounding, just for games where your team really needs help down low grabbing boards. You actually can bring the ball up and jack up threes off your rebounds. Then, whatever attribute upgrades you have left you can put on shooting off dribble, mainly for the shot close rating just in case your in the area shooting and not the mid range.

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