NBA 2K17 MyCareer and MyPlayer Guide – Glass Cleaner Build

The most dominant big man archetype there is, the Glass Cleaner can cause an opposing the team the most trouble out of all of the big man archetypes. There is simply no matching that crazy high rebound rating they have. You combine that with the ability that they can max out their strength and you literally have the juggernaut of the Pro AM or mypark. As long as you build your Glass Cleaner right in NBA 2K17 mycareer, you should have no problem making new friends just because they want to play with someone good.

Height: 7'3"
Weight: 340lbs
Wingspan: Maxed
Release: Release 23

The taller you are in 2K, the more you have an advantage on the glass. Maxing out your height is crucial to being the absolute dominant rebounder on the court. The weight allows you to get your strength rating to a 94, which is also vital for being able to push defenders out of position on offense, and being able to battle and keep your position on defense. Wingspan speaks for itself, another advantage you will have on the glass and since we will not be shooting the ball with this build, a shorter wingspan for more of a shooting boost is not recommended.

For your dunk packages, you want the fastest under the basket dunks possible, without animations that cock back. So do NOT choose the rim pulls dunk package, as a lot of dunks in that package have long wind ups or cocking it back. Choose the regular and athletic flush packages.

Important Badges: Bruiser, Hustle Rebounder, Putback King

The only thing important badge wise on the glass cleaner is badges that help you rebound, or finish better around the basket. A lot of people might argue that brick wall is important, but if a guard can't shake his defender then he shouldn't be playing that position/role as a ball handler. If you build your player right in NBA 2K17 mycareer, you will be unstoppable.

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