The Left Analog Stick Double Crossover

With all the nerfs that 2K is doing to the dribbling animations in NBA 2K17, we've found something that seems to be untouched from day 1, its manual crossover with the left analog stick. We've had side by side comparisons with similar animations and we can confirm without a doubt that this left analog stick double crossover is faster and more crafty looking than a regular double crossover. As you can see from the footage below, the change of direction between the between the leg dribble and crossover is absolutely insane. Remember that none of this is done with the right analog stick, only the left.

I never really realized how extremely efficient this move was until people kept falling for it. I kept hearing about how such and such animation was patched, and people were complaining about how their men felt sluggish, exploding very slowly out of their crossovers and hesitations. It made me think back to this move that may be overpowered at the moment. Even some of the bigger guys without good ball control is able to pull this move off seamlessly. I haven't come across a single person that has defended this move on first sight, and even if you keep doing it, it has about a 70% success rating of completely breaking your man down even if they know its coming.

It does take a lot of practice to master the timing. For clarity, here is exactly how you do it. While standing still, you want to tap the left stick toward the hand you don't have the ball in without holding turbo, once you do this your guy will do what seems to be a between the leg crossover. Once he has started that, immediately hold turbo and pres the left stick back toward the hand you originally had the ball in. If done correctly, you will see one of the most explosive double moves in NBA 2K17.

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