Earn VC Fast!

VC runs 2K. Whether you're looking to upgrade the attributes on your myplayer or buy a box of card packs on myTeam, you need VC to maximize your performance on NBA 2K17. Most people can't handle the daily grind of earning VC, playing games don't give you much VC per minute, especially since now instead of 5 categories there are now 10 to max out on a myplayer. Luckily, our team has discovered the fastest method for earning vc on NBA 2K17.

Most people will just grind out games at the park, or foul out in HoF mycareer games and that all fine and dandy, but lets say a park game takes 10 minutes to finish, and at most, your getting like 200 VC. So 20/VC a minute with that method which is like pennies. With the mycareer method, lets say it takes you 3 minutes to foul out, and 4 minutes to transition to the next game. You might earn 300-400 VC because of the low grade, so around 40/VC a minute.

The fastest method we have found for earning VC is actually quitting ranked games and all star team ups, preferably all star team ups. We were getting around 800 VC per match while quitting a all star team up, and around 400 per match while quitting a regular 1 on 1 ranked game. Now you can combine the two, or just do one or the other, but these two methods are currently the fastest way for earning VC in NBA 2K17.

This year is definitely a lot harder to earn VC fast, in 2k16 you used to be able to sim to end my player games easily, and if you had a macro you could literally farm it overnight. But you know how 2K likes to make things difficult, we will keep you updated on more VC earning methods in NBA 2K17.

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