The Double Stepback Move

We've pretty much seen all the moves people do in NBA 2K17, the speed boosts from hesitations and crossovers, but we've never really seen people actually invent their own style, that is until now. Our team has yet to come across anyone doing this combination of moves, so we though we would release it. We refer to it as the double stepback move. It involves the ball handler running at an angle toward the rim, doing a behind the back stop, and then stepping back using an escape dribble. Footage below

This move utilizes your opponent's momentum against them, and is best used if you have a step on your opponent and they are on your hip. The first behind the back pretty much stops you on a dime, and the second stepback used right after it creates the space that will allow to hit uncontested shots at will. This move is best used if your a shot creator, or have maxed out shooting off dribble and the difficult shot badge. We've also seen the deadeye badges pop up while using this move, so be sure to have that too. I wouldn't classify this as a go to move, but its something to keep in your back pocket for those "be like Curry" moments that people seem to have.

We've used this move in the park, pro AM, regular ranked matches and all star team ups, this move can break down humans and computers alike. It even has the potential to break ankles if you have the ankle breaker badge, allowing for some crazy worldstar like highlights. The timing for the combination will take some time to get used to, as some users didn't even know there was a behind the back stepback, but once you have it down, you've become another step closer to being unguardable in NBA 2K17.

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