How Dominant Can a Post Scorer Be?

One of the least picked archetypes on the game, does the Post Scorer really have a place in NBA 2K17 Pro AM/Park? Or are they just becoming outdated like all of the real big men in the NBA. From what we've seen, the post scorer may actually be one of the best one on one scorers in 2K. They have a hook shot that is pretty much a green release, and with a 90+ post fade, they can stretch into the mid range for spacing. You combine those two moves with the incredibly cheesy drop step and you realize that maybe you should give post scoring another look? But here is where the real dilemma comes in.

In a actual game, the post scorer is really out of place. Unless you're running some type of slow Spurs offense, the post scorer most times will not get enough touches. He is slow coming up the court, he can't spread the floor like a stretch big and we know this new generation of ballers do not look in the post for anything. As a post scorer not only are you not going to get the ball on offense, your rebounding is on par with that of a stretch big, meaning you will get boarded by glass cleaners.

So, how dominant can a post scorer be in NBA 2K17? It really all depends on how much your teammates can get you the ball. If you can manage to be the go to option on offense then sure, you will be dominant. But if your teammates are just jacking up shots before you get up the court, or not looking for you when you are on the block, you might be better off switching to another archetype to better support the way your team plays.

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