Do You Remember 2K Before The Patches?

If you bought the game on Black Friday or you're a Christmas noob, you probably don't even know what 2K17 was like before the plethora of patches hit and took the fun out of it. For people that was here day 1, I'm sure you remember. We all know that virtually every 2K is a better game out the box than it is after all the patches have released and 2K17 is no different. Every once in awhile, someone will ask about the game when it first dropped. For those here day 1, I'm sure you remembered the smooth dribbling, the shooting that made sense, albeit there were no moving screens but things just felt a whole lot better in general.

Now, players of all sizes and attributes feel bogged down due to 2K lowering everyone's explosiveness. The contested shot rating means zilch now, as players can literally be 10 feet away from and still able to contest the shot(even if its a bad contest, you will notice you're shot grade drops tremendously). Plenty of other things that is wrong too, and it all stems from the forum that the developers actually get feedback from - operation sports.

The amount of complaining on that forum is exacerbating. Every single day there is someone complaining about too many shots going in, them not being able to keep up on D, things of that nature. Instead of the developers forcing them to get better at the game, the developers spoon feed them these patches that usually wind up making the game worse for series veterans. Believe it or not, these are not kids, but grown men just crying in the developers ears all day. Honestly, I don't blame Mike Wang for the state of the game. The blame is put on those guys who views 2K as a second life, and when the 2K life doesn't go their way, they just complain until they get what they want.

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