NBA 2K17 App

NBA 2K17 App

The NBA 2K17 App is available for iOS and Android users, it is called MyNBA2K17 and there is a whole bunch of stuff to do on there. Many of people who download the NBA 2K17 App will quickly try to scan their face, as that is the only way to get your face imported in the game. They may then claim their free vc for a few weeks before they stop using it. The people who continue to use it after the initial weeks are typically myteam mobile players. The app actually has a miniature version of NBA 2K17's myteam mode, where you collect players and play against others players across the world.

MyTeam Mobile

Now you don't exactly get to play the game, but it is more so a turn based game. You win typically by having the better cards in your hand. You roll in each game with around 5 cards. The best way to build your deck would be playing the blacktop mode. While it is time consuming is requires your full attention, it is much more rewarding than just playing the one off exhibition matches. If you are looking for something more automated, you could always try the season mode, where it pits you against 30 users and simulates the out come based on your deck.

Free VC and Your Face Scan

If you downloaded the NBA 2K17 App for your face scan or free VC then you've made a good decision. This year 2K has completely removed the kinect from being able to scan your face, so you must use your phone to do it. A lot of results come out sloppy so be sure to do it in the best light possible. 2K lets you claim daily VC, typically ranging from 300-1500 depending on what cards you draw for the day. The best way to get the most VC is to claim 3 cards that are all the same (ex 250vc, 250vc, 250vc cards), which triples the amount you would normally get!

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