NBA 2K16 – Become The Most Dominant MyPlayer In 2K History

In my opinion, its best to simulate to the day of a game before you start a 2 or 3 day break, so you can train 2-3 times instead of just once. Make sure you don’t sim past the all star break, there may be around 4-5 off days, its an easy way to eventually unlock all your upgrades. Make sure you foul out as early as you can.

Its a lot faster to foul out when your a starter, as you can usually foul out before the half ends. If your not a starter, the coach will bench you until the second half starts, which adds to the time it takes to get to the next off day.

My Career can be boring and dull as ever while you try to unlock all your attributes and badges, its best to just try to unlock one attribute upgrade a day, so that you don’t wear yourself out.

If you truly want to dominate the park with your myplayer in NBA 2K16, it would be best to create either a 7'3" Goliath or a 6'2" PG or SG. With the 7 foot 3 inch Center, you would be able to absolutely crush teams on the glass, most teams in the park can be beat simply by dominating on the board playing NBA 2K16. The main thing you want to focus on as a Center would be rebounding, as it is a very critical part of your role to your team. Rebounding should be the first attribute you should max out as a big man.

If you choose the route of making a Point or Shooting Guard, you want to make them a outside player type so that you can rain down 3s on your opponent. When you venture into the park, 90% of the players are built to shoot 3s. They will abuse stepback and hop shot animations in hopes of freeing their-selves from their defender. You must learn some of these moves if you hope to be a elite guard. To absolutely maximize your player, you will want to collect the badges deadeye and limitless range. Dead eye will allow you to have a better shooting accuracy when a defender closes out late on your jumper. Limitless range will allow you to duplicate the way Curry plays, hitting 3s from way behind the line.

As a Center, boxing out is the most important skill versus a user in NBA 2K16. It can make the difference between close games and blow outs. Typically, the best rebounding team will win games. Sometimes holding the left trigger for your boxout isn't enough, it may morph you out of position, or just not respond at times, so it is VERY important to get used to how your player reacts when you hold the box out button. Check out Phillyimblog, they have a bunch of tips regarding NBA 2K16 in general, about tips, guides, exploits, everything!

The best thing is that all the content on the site is always updated with the latest tips, a lot of it not even known to the public.

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