How I Made $3500 Last Month Playing NBA 2K17

Between the insane wait times sitting on the got next spot in the park or waiting for a pro am game to start up, instead of just sitting idle, I'm racking in loads of money all while playing NBA 2K17.  You can pretty much say I'm sponsored to play NBA 2K17. You don't need to win the pro am tournament just to make money playing 2K, you can be an average joe player but as long as you stay dedicated, you will start earning the big bucks and possibly make a living from 2K.

Option A: YouTube

I'm sure you've seen it, the guys with 100s of thousands of followers that get a minimum of 50,000 views per video regardless of if the video is complete trash or not. It doesn't even matter if they steal content from one another (its why you see the same video showing the same information from almost everybody), as long as they put something up, its going to make money. One way you can start making money by playing NBA 2K17 is starting your own YouTube channel. Now making enough to live off is not going to happen overnight of course, you need to develop a great following before you do that. People will subscribe to you as long as you are consistently posting good content.

Option B: Quick Surveys

Waiting for a pro am game to start can literally take anywhere between 1-5 minutes depending on a variety of factors. Now while you wait, there are website that will literally pay you $5 per a quick 3 minute survey. At this rate, you can easily sustain 20$/hr just while playing 2K, and could easily rack in $100 per day just from the surveys alone if you play 2K for more than a couple hours. Most of my friends actually do this, we help each other find the quickest survey possible to do so we all can get to the $$$ while playing NBA 2K17.



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