Kyrie Irving is the NBA 2K18 Cover Athlete – Possible New Feature?

2K Sports has announced that Kyrie Irving is the official cover athlete of NBA 2K18. Usually, 2K bases the game's playstyle/features upon the cover athlete. Take NBA 2K17 for example. Paul George, someone who is religiously known for shooting the deep ball was on the cover for NBA 2K17. A prime feature of NBA 2K17 was the added shot aiming mechanic, which could either boost or hurt your shot depending on how good your aim was. In 16, the cover was spearheaded by Stephen Curry. A prominent feature in this game was the added "Limitless Range" badge, which pretty much ensured Curry would play just like Curry.

There was even a point in time which 2K inserted a hash tag at the bottom left of your screen related to Curry, and they let stay for at least a week. During this week, Curry had an even increased range on top of the Limitless they had already given him. If choosing Kyrie serves as any indication of what direction 2K is heading with their gameplay this year,we may see a new ball handling system or feature. We may see more scoring moves available to use for isolations, as these are the two things Kyrie does best. 2K never chooses a cover athlete without having features that showcase their athlete, so be sure to be on the lookout for more NBA 2K18 news.

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