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Is The NBA 2K League Salary Actually Worth It?

The announcement of the contract salaries that the NBA 2K League will be offering was met with both gratitude and criticism. Here are the major details:

  • - 102 Players Will Be Drafted (2 rounds, each being 51 players)
  • - All players will be signed to a 6 month contract, one season
  • - First round picks will receive $35,000, second round picks will receive $32,000
  • - While you have to relocate, the league will pay for your housing
  • - They will also pay for traveling and food cost
  • - Benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans are available
  • - Players will be allowed to sign endorsement, allowing them to increase their wages further
  • - There will also be tournaments throughout the season, with a prize pool totaling $1,000,000

So with all these details, will playing in the NBA 2K League actually be worth your time? From a financial perspective, it absolutely would be. Just for comparison sake, lets say you're the last pick, and the worst player in the league. They're giving you $32,000 for just 6 months of work, which for some people is a full year's salary. You can also work the other 6 months that you're not under contract, which could easily put you around $50k-$60k for the year. Since 2K would be paying for pretty much everything you need while you're under contract, your monthly expenses will decrease exponentially. Just think, that rent money that you've been paying goes back in your pocket. All the the groceries and take out food goes back in your pocket. Your monthly profit really skyrockets while under contract. You get exposure, which may bring endorsements to fatten your pocket even further. This is most certainly an opportunity that I hope many people will not pass up. Sure, you're not going to come out of this a millionaire, but I doubt becoming rich just from playing video games was something you were aiming for. The amount of money that you will get will surely advance you about a year or 2 income wise, so why not go for it?

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