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How To Get Drafted Into The NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League

Getting drafted into the NBA 2K League is a honor few will be able to achieve. as of right now, the NBA 2K League only allows 102 players, 17 teams with 6 players each. Now obviously, a lot of the top teams will recruit people from the top pro am teams, which leaves very few spots left for the average joe. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways to get the attention of teams, allowing you to fairly be scouted and ranked among the 2K players.

Social Media

Social media is the #1 one way for being noticed, and even contacted by teams. If you add the NBA 2K League profile, you can see who they follow, which will mostly be either the team pages, coaches for the teams or the presidents of the teams. I recommend creating an entirely new twitter, and adding the 2K league profile. That way, the twitter users they suggest you add will more than likely be people related in the NBA 2K league. Once you have added users, be sure to have a plethora of GREAT boxscores, or a video montage of your highlights. Even if you're not good, you want to make it seem like you're good, by only showing your best games. Fake it until you make it, you only have to convince people you're good enough until the draft.


Now this way is one very few people use, but it remains an exceptional tactic that can get you in direct contact with teams. You acquire the emails of teams and their representatives by scouring twitter profiles for them, once you obtain them, you email them and they will more than likely respond, as the message will go straight to their inbox and not spam. Remember, you'll probably only get one shot per email, so be sure to send that one thing that they will be sure to respond to.


Last but not least is streaming. If you're a popular streamer, you can really showcase this when you submit your 2K application. 2K would absolutely love to bring in more traffic to their product, which is why they're going to prefer popular streamers over the average joe gamer who my have never streamed anything before.

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