Highest Arc Jumpshot In NBA 2K17

If you're like me, you want a release where the ball goes to the moon and back down, and while it might not be literally possible in NBA 2K17, there is still a pretty high release that gives you're defender time to think about that poor defense he just played before the ball swishes through the net. In the park or in pro am, no one really likes a low arc release. It is kind of like a line drive hit in baseball - the ball traveling low to the ground. It gets the job done but, don't you want to give your fans and everyone on the court some eye candy?

So get rid of the release you have (if you have a custom jumper you can keep the base) and put on release 27. This is without a doubt the highest arcing release on the game. If you are shooting a 3, the ball literally hangs in the air for at least 4 full seconds before hitting the rim, and the further you are from the 3pt line the higher it goes. So if you're a sharpshooter with a purple limitless, prepare to leave your teammates and opponents in awe when you're shooting 30 foot shot with the arc of a full court shot.

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