How To Get The Best Layup Everytime in NBA 2K17

How many times have you had an open lane only for 2K to put you in the worst animation possible? You could have a clear lane for a dunk, have a posterizer HOF badge and HOF acrobat and NBA 2K17 will reward your skills and bravery by morphing you into the defender for some ugly looking contested layup. After awhile we got tired of the terrible animations 2K gave us, so we worked hard to find the best solution


Now anytime you drive the lane no matter who is in front of you, you want to initiate a fake pass layup by pressing the lob and bounce pass buttons together (Xbox: Y+B  PS4: Triangle+Circle) and once you see your player start the animation, hold the shot button. If you did this successfully, your player will start what looks like a euro, and finish with a strong layup. You cannot do this in practice as it requires someone to fake pass to.




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