Get ANY Animation You Want on ANY Player!

Currently unpatched, get any animation for your myPlayer in NBA 2K18. Here are the steps below

  1. Be on a myPlayer that you are able to meet the attribute/overall requirements on for the specific animation.
  2. Go into the myplayer lab, signature animations, and add the animations you want to the cart.
  3. View your cart, and hit the "add" option and it should bring you to the screen to add VC.
  4. Click anyone of those and as soon as you click it, open up your system options and click the offline option, then click online. It will bring you back to the main menu.
  5. Open the mycareer file that you want the animations to go on.
  6. Go to the barbershop, view your cart and the animations will be there.

Do this at your own risk!

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