The Fastest Release On 2K – 100% Tested To The Millisecond

There has been too much false information out there on what people thought was the fastest jumpshot base on the game - NO it is NOT Lamarcus Aldridge! From our test based on what point in time a perfect release occurs, we have established that the Aldridge release does indeed have a very quick time, actually the 2nd fastest release time in the game coming in at 350 milliseconds to get a perfect release. But while testing all of the shot bases on the game, we have discovered a release just slightly faster than the Aldridge release.

If you haven't unlocked the jump shot creator in myCareer yet, then the jumpshot we will be talking about is called Release 73. If you have unlocked the jumpshot creator, then the base is called Jump Shot 9. This specific jumper comes in at and alarmingly fast perfect release point right at 330 milliseconds, making it the quickest release on 2K known to date. If you have any jumpers you'd like us to test, just shoot us a message on FB and we will reply instantly!

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